Jumat, 27 November 2009

Dane and Irish

A Dane and an Irish man are at the beach in Waikiki
All day the girls are hanging next to the Dane
On the way home the Irish guy asks his Danish pal why the girls
Didnt even notice him.
The Dane tells his buddy to get rid of the boxer short swimsuit and
Get a Speedo like him.
The next day the girls are hanging on the Dane again and not even noticing
the Irish man with the new Speedo.
On the way home he again asks the Dane whats the problem with the girls again
Not noticing him.
The Dane says look get yourself a potato and put it in your Speedo.
The next day still no luck, the girls are even staying further away from him. He cant
Stand it anymore and asks the Dane what to do next.
The Dane says move the potato from the back to the front.

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